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I wrote about Sonos Move last fall. I called it my favorite speaker of 2019. I still stand by everything I said.

Usually, you have to pick between great sound or portability. But Sonos Move nailed both. That's why I recommend it to everyone.

Rather than comparing Sonos Move to the Bose Portable speaker, I compared it to Apple’s HomePod this time.

Conclusion: I’m a huge fan of HomePod’s unique and powerful sound, but Apple requires you to use its services if you want to get the best experience. On the other hand, Sonos Move works well with Android and iOS, and it works perfectly with any music service in the world. Sonos Move lets you choose from Alexa or Google, while HomePod is stuck with just Siri.


HomePod sounds amazing. It excels with high vocal tones and has rich bass. HomePod's clean bass is the biggest differentiator from Sonos Move's sound. You can play any music service on HomePod (via AirPlay), but HomePod has lots of restrictions:

  • You need an iPhone to set it up.
  • You need constant power and WiFi.
  • To play music, open your favorite streaming app on your iPhone, then tap on the triangle button (bottom of the screen) to send the music from your phone to your HomePod via AirPlay. Your phone must remain within distance of the speaker and AirPlay is prone to occasional cutouts.
  • Siri works well with Apple Music tasks, but it's shaky for almost any other task. Siri doesn't work with big-name music services like Spotify, Amazon, Google, YouTube, and Pandora.

Sonos Move

Sonos Move doesn’t deliver the sound quality at the level of HomePod or Sonos Five, but when it’s not side-by-side, most people will love it. It gets loud, has lots of bass, and automatically calibrates itself when you move it. You can use the Sonos app to play any music service in the world, and iPhones users can use AirPlay to send music to Sonos Move. Six advantages over HomePod:

  • It has a carrying handle and a dock.
  • It has a battery that lasts 10 hours.
  • When you leave your house, hit the button on the back to switch from WiFi mode to Bluetooth mode.
  • It works well with any music service.
  • You pick your voice assistant.
  • Sonos Move is a must-have for Spotify users because it works with Spotify Connect. With Spotify Connect, the speaker streams independently of your phone, which gives you a stronger connection and more flexibility than AirPlay.