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Smart locks are my favorite smart home product because they improve my life without getting in the way. A smart lock is the perfect way to break into smart home gear.

I just finished up a new month of testing with the new August 4th generation and Nest x Yale. And it’s still clear that August and Nest are the best smart lock platforms.

Conclusion: August has the best software because it’s compatible with all smart home platforms and has an amazing Auto Unlock feature that can’t be matched. On the other hand, Nest x Yale has superior hardware with its keypad. Because of this, I recommend a hybrid solution: Yale Assure SL Connected By August. It has a beautiful keypad that looks similar to Nest, but it runs on August’s software.


  • The August (4th Gen) lock is slimmer, quieter, and doesn’t require a bridge compared to the third generation, but it’s not enough to recommend upgrading from the previous generation.
  • August (4th Gen) gives you nine different ways to lock and unlock the door. You can use three different smart assistants, the August phone app, the August Apple Watch app, and your regular key.
  • August (4th Gen) replaces your current deadbolt lever, but you keep all the other components of your current lock system and your original key will still work.

August has two amazing features that the Nest lock can’t match:

  • Auto-Unlock puts your home in Away Mode once you leave your home’s perimeter. Then, when you arrive back home and come within Bluetooth range, the lock automatically unlocks itself. It works 19 time out of every 20, and it’s pure magic when it works correctly. Once you come home, with your hands full of groceries, and the door unlocks itself, you won’t be able to go back to a normal lock.
  • With most smart locks, the app thinks your home is secure as long as the lock is locked. But what if someone didn't shut the door fully? August’s DoorSense alerts you when your door isn’t fully shut.


  • Nest works well and does everything that it claims to do, but the lack of Auto-Unlock is disappointing.
  • Nest x Yale gives you four different ways to lock and unlock the door.
  • Nest doesn't play nice with smart home platforms because it only works with Google Assistant.
  • Nest’s biggest advantage over August (4th Gen) is the keypad, but if a keypad is important to you, buy Yale Assure SL.

Yale Assure SL (w/ August)

  • Yale Assure SL has a keypad and looks similar to the Nest lock.
  • But instead of using the Nest app, it uses the August app.
  • You’ll get the same smart features like Auto Unlock and DoorSense with Yale Assure SL, as you would with a native August device.
  • Yale Assure SL is the ultimate August lock and what I recommend to everyone. The decision is easier when you consider Yale Assure SL and August (4th Gen) are the same price.