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I’m working on a new mesh router video series. Part one went live last week. It explains what a mesh router system is, why you need one, and gives tips for using one.

I just uploaded part two of the series today: Eero Pro vs. Orbi RBK50

I’ve been using two Eero Pros as my go-to for over a year and love them, but last month, I rebought a pair of Orbi RBK50 routers for the third time because I was curious to see what improvements were made.

Conclusion: Orbi hasn't changed since I last used the system. It's still a beast and has a higher theoretical download speed, but it's not for the average consumer because of its software struggles. I recommend any version of Eero to people who want to improve their internet's speed and range.

Reply to this email with your home’s specs and what you’re trying to accomplish, and I’ll help you pick out a new mesh system.

Eero Pro

  • It has a maximum download speed limit of 600Mbps. I averaged 112Mbps with two Eero Pros while covering my house and backyard (3,000 sqft).
  • My internet connection with Eero is the most stable of any mesh network that I’ve ever tested. It never cuts out.
  • The Eero phone app is one of the most intuitive apps that I’ve ever used.
  • The setup took me less than five minutes in my latest attempt.
  • Eero is a must-have for parents because you can create profiles to group your kid’s devices together. You can create scheduled access or pause one of the profiles at anytime.
  • The routers are small and sleek.
  • You can pair Eero Beacons (an outlet router, without a cord) with a Eero Pro and get a similar performance compared to a system with exclusively Eero Pro routers.


  • It has a maximum download speed limit of 866Mbps. I averaged 115Mbps with two Orbi RBK50 routers while covering my house and backyard (3,000 sqft).
  • I got faster internet speeds and the connection was stable overall, but when my devices switch nodes, as I move to a different room, it’s not as smooth as Eero.
  • The Orbi phone app is slow to load, has lots of bugs, and unavoidable ads. It also lacks customization settings and native parental controls.
  • Compared to Eero Pro, Orbi is eight times taller and six times bigger by volume. You can’t tuck these away
  • If you want to get more out of your internet's potential, you may want to consider Orbi RBK50. The dedicated backhaul, higher theoretical download speed, seven ports, and a web-based interface will make lots of power users happy.