The first security camera that I ever tested was the Blink Indoor. It’s $79 and records all motion for free. Blink cameras are a great budget option.

Many readers have asked me to review the Wyze Cam, but I completely wrote it off because it’s only $25.

How can a $25 camera be useful? Well Wyze has been crushing it on Amazon with 43k reviews with a 4.3-star average rating.

But what really got my attention was when Blink released Blink Mini to directly compete against Wyze Cam.

I bought both at the beginning of May, and I’ve reached a conclusion.

My conclusion: Blink took everything awesome about the original Blink cameras and made it worse. Blink Mini blows. Don’t buy it. While Wyze Cam is outstanding, and great for anyone who is in the market for an indoor camera.

  • It’s $35.
  • When motion is detected in front of the camera, you’ll get an alert on your phone, but nothing is recorded. This isn’t useful!
  • New users will need Blink subscription’s plan ($30/year) to record the motion. Previous Blink owners are grandfathered-in and get free motion recordings.
  • The video and audio quality is about the same as Blink Indoor and Blink XT2, which is not very good, but fine for the price.
  • Blink’s night vision is the worst of any camera that I’ve ever tested.
  • Blink Mini’s base/stand/mount feels like a toy.
  • Just pay more money upfront and you’ll be happier. Blink Indoor ($79) and Blink XT2 ($99) are awesome. You get free 60-second cloud recordings for life and they’re battery-powered (unlike Blink Mini).

Wyze Cam

  • It’s $25.
  • The stand is well-built and versatile. You can position it at almost any angle and it comes with an awesome magnetic mounting system.
  • Wyze records motion and stores it in the cloud for 14 days. Wyze will record for up to 12 seconds for free.
  • With Wyze’s subscription service for $18/year, it records until the motion is finished. The service is great, but I don’t recommend it because you don’t need it (see below).
  • Wyze’s killer feature: Wyze has a MicroSD card slot under the camera that lets it record 24/7 continuously. You can buy a 32 GB card for $9.
  • You can use timestamps from the 12-second clips and match it to the 24/7 recording to see the motion in its entirety.
  • The phone interface for scrubbing and finding the clips isn’t perfect, but we’re talking about a $34 investment (camera + MicroSD card). It doesn’t get better than that!