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I’m in the minority, but I’ve never been a big fan of Ring and Nest cameras. There are a few things that turn me off:

  1. Amazon owns Ring. Google owns Nest. Amazon and Google are data-harvesting machines. They make tons of money by using your data to better target you with ads and products. Do you want to give these companies more of your personal data than they already have?
  2. These companies aren’t always genuine with what they’re doing with your data. Ideally, they would use your data to improve the user experience. While this may be true, Ring and Nest have been caught multiple times watching user videoswithout the user’s permission.
  3. I hate monthly subscriptions. Ring and Nest are useless devices unless you pay a monthly fee. I’d rather pay more money for a device upfront than get locked into monthly payments.

EufyCam E fixes all of the above issues because it doesn’t have a subscription and all your video clips are saved to your base station (never to the cloud). You’re the only one who can see your videos.

For my latest comparison, I compared Eufy Cam E to my favorite security camera: Arlo Pro 2.

My conclusion: Arlo Pro 2 has the most features and is more advanced, but for those who care about their privacy and are content with basic functionality, EufyCam E is the better bet.

My YouTube breakdown:

Arlo Pro 2

  • I appreciate Arlo Pro 2 most for its smart home versatility. It works with four major platforms Google, Alexa, IFTTT, and Apple’s HomeKit. For example, I can create an automation to turn on my Hue lights and music whenever my backyard Arlo detects motion.
  • Arlo’s free plan is solid and keeps your motion clips in the cloud for seven days. The downside is that an internet connection is needed at all times.
  • Arlo’s app is slower than it used to be. It takes up to 16 seconds to view the live feed when you first open the app.
  • Arlo Pro 2 is best for you if you want advanced features like person detection and package detection and you’re willing to pay $3/month to get those features.

EufyCam E

  • I appreciate EufyCam E most for its ability to save clips to the included Micro SD card. When your camera records clips, the video stays in your possession and is fully encrypted.
  • Eufy is completely free.
  • Eufy ripped off Arlo’s app user interface and camera design, but Eufy did a couple things better: the app is super fast and the battery lasts longer.
  • I’m creeping up on three months and my battery is still at full bars. Eufy should last at least six months before needing a charge. (Eufy says it should last a year.) The downside is that the battery can’t be removed or replaced.
  • Eufy works with Alexa and Google Assistant, but it’s more limited because you can’t do much other than view the live feed with devices like Fire TV or Chromecast.
  • EufyCam E is best for you if you want to record clips and view them exclusively inside the Eufy Security app and don’t need integrations with your other smart home products.