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Amazon, the new owner of Eero, announced their third-generation system in September and named it Eero. (It’s confusing, I know!)

In October, Google announced the successor to Google WiFi and named it Google Nest WiFi.

Amazon and Google will continue to sell the previous generation routers too.

You have four different models (Eero, Eero Pro, Google WiFi, Nest WiFi) and tons of different configurations to choose from.

Despite the confusing product lineups, mesh routers are a must-have for every home, especially if you’re an avid streamer.

My conclusion: Eero Pro is still the king of the mesh systems, but most people should get the newest and more affordable Eero set because it has the same dead-simple setup and awesome parental features with good enough performance.


  • I appreciate Eero most for its beautiful setup and app experience.
  • Eero routers are an excellent choice if you struggle with technology or you want the perfect combination of performance and software.
  • Eero Pro is one of the best performing routers that I’ve ever tested because it has three wireless bands, while the others are only dual-band.
  • Eero (3rd Gen) performs worse than Eero Pro, but can you tell the difference between 96/mbps (Eero) and 112/mbps (Eero Pro) in real life? I can’t.
  • Tip: If performance is important to you and you want to save money, you can buy ONE Eero Pro and load up on Eero Beacons (they plug directly into your power outlets). Any configuration with at least one Eero Pro performs better than the configurations without.
  • Eero Pro is best for you if you want the best on the market and aren’t price conscious. Each node is $200 and most homes will need at least two to cover 4,000 square feet.
  • Eero is best for you if you want all the software and setup features that come with Eero Pro but want something more affordable. The three-pack is $250 and should cover 5,000 square feet.


  • I appreciate Google most for its simple app and amazing bandwidth usage interface.
  • Nest WiFi is a substantial upgrade over Google WiFi on paper because it has twice the theoretical bandwidth limit, 25% more range, and the WiFi Points have a Google Assistant speaker built-in.

Unfortunately, I don’t recommend Nest WiFi:

  • I experienced tons of internet dropouts, and the nodes disconnected frequently.
  • You need two apps. Google Home for the setup, then Google WiFi for advanced features.
  • The WiFi Points with Google Assistant are dumb. They don’t have ports and the performance is worse than the main Nest WiFi Router. Plus, what are the odds that there’s an optimal position for both your network performance and a speaker?
  • Google WiFi is best for you if you need a bandwidth usage interface to track your internet usage for your devices. Google has the second-best mesh router app and nearly identical performance as Eero, but the setup isn't as user-friendly. You can get a three-pack for $250 and it should cover 5,000 square feet.
  • Nest WiFi is best for you if you’re willing to power through their performance issues, bugs, and use two apps. Nest WiFi isn’t ready for primetime, but it’s only a few software updates away from being a better option than Google WiFi.