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I just completed my five-part mesh series on YouTube. After this, I won’t talk about mesh WiFi systems again in 2020. I promise.

The goal with my last two videos was to revisit Nest Wifi to see if my first experience was a fluke.

In January, the two Nest Wifi nodes wouldn't stay connected to each other, but many software updates have been released since. To improve my odds of getting a working system, I bought a different configuration this time (two Routers, rather than one Router and one Point).

I ran into slightly different (equally annoying) issues this time around. While the Nest Wifi’s reviews are relatively positive around the internet, some people have suffered from random cutouts and throttled speeds. I’m one of them.

Conclusion: Nest was as fast as any premium mesh system when it worked, but it isn't stable enough to recommend. The app lets you group devices together into profiles, then schedule downtimes for your kids. But Eero Pro has most of the same features. Plus, Eero Pro is the most stable and reliable mesh WiFi system on the market. Orbi can potentially reach higher speeds compared to Eero Pro, but it’s lacking features in the phone app and isn't as user-friendly.

Nest Wifi

Nest Wifi has two differentiating features from Eero Pro and Orbi RBK50:

  • It has an amazing bandwidth interface. It's great for troubleshooting to see which device is causing you issues in real-time, and it's helpful for those who need to track cumulative usage because of internet caps.
  • Nest has a free feature that lets you filter out adult websites on your kids' devices.

Orbi RBK50

Orbi has amazing pure speed. It's a power user's dream because it has an advanced web-based interface and seven Ethernet ports. Orbi has two issues:

  • The connection is solid overall, but it's not flawless like Eero's.
  • The app struggles to connect to the routers quickly, it's missing smart features and an advanced menu, and it has a poor interface.

Eero Pro

Eero Pro takes the good parts from Nest and Orbi and leaves behind the bad. It can reach up to 600Mbps, but the best part is that you never notice your network.  It just works in the background as you move around with your devices. Eero makes installation so easy that anyone of any age or skill level can do it in under ten minutes. The app has great parental controls too!