Blog Note: I tried to run a scholarship in 2017 for entrepreneurs. It didn’t go well. I only got two submissions. It was disappointing, but I thought I’d save the copy. Here’s what it said:

I really want to give you $1,000…

What do many successful entrepreneurs have in common?


Sure, you hear about those who made millions despite lacking a college education or those who dropped out of a university to start their own companies.

We don’t hear about those who want to go to college AND become a successful entrepreneur.

That’s where you come in.

I started this site while still in college. Power Moves is a tech comparison site where I give opinions on gadgets and apps.

Obviously, my entrepreneurial spirit didn’t need a degree. I skipped the full college experience. I thought I knew where I was going.

I’ve been wrong…a lot.

It doesn’t feel good.

It feels awkward.

But you know what?

It’s empowering too.

Actually, it’s the kind of feeling Power Moves is built upon.

I’ve come to believe discomfort and success have a direct and positive correlation.

I’m not talking about resting on a bed of nails while working.

I’m talking about that zone of wondrous hesitation…like before leaping from a plane, taking off from a snowboard jump, or diving into your first entrepreneurial endeavor.

In other words, the times you need to make Power Moves.

Now, back to you.

Who’s Eligible

You need to be a college student with entrepreneurial dreams.

What to Submit

I need a video.

The broad theme is discomfort.

Submissions can be can be a monologue, candid skit, interview, or story of an experience.

Basically, demonstrate:

  • How being uncomfortable leads to self improvement and growth.
  • How it’s beneficial to an entrepreneur.

You must:

  • Keep the video under two minutes.
  • Be creative.

(Submissions will not be based on audio and visual quality (a phone video works), yet elements must be seen and heard well enough to judge.)

What’s Needed

  1. Name, number, and address.
  2. School you attend.
  3. Your major.
  4. Proof you’re a student.
  5. Permission to use the content you send for promotional purposes on this site.