As an internet savvy person, I'm sure you've Googled "{insert store name} coupon" right before your purchase.

You get results from RetailMeNot,, and others.

You look at the coupons and copy/paste each one into the coupon field on the checkout page. Most of the time, you try several and none of them work, but occasionally you strike gold. It’s a great feeling!

Honey's goal is to streamline the process.

No more hunting for coupons or painstakingly trying each one. With the Honey browser extension, you press one button. That's it. Then, Honey automatically tries all working coupons and applies the one with the most savings to your order.

I originally joined Honey in 2013, but I didn’t use it much because Honey only supported Chrome at the time.

Honey now supports all four major browsers, so I’m back!

I didn't plan to write about Honey, then this happened while booking my hotel:

At the time, I had no intention of searching for coupons because I assumed there wouldn't be any savings for a hotel booking.

But during the checkout process at, the Honey button popped up and I pressed it.

Honey automatically found all the coupons on the internet for, validated them, and chose the one with the highest savings.

Free money.

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You press a button that says "Apply Coupons." Honey validates all the coupons in its directory, picks the best one, and applies it to your order.

In my experience, most of the time none of the coupons work. Honey isn’t magic. But if there’s a working coupon out there you can be assured Honey will apply it. The app takes the grunt work out of the process.

You may be asking, "if this is a free service, what is Honey getting out of the deal?" To understand this, you need to understand affiliate marketing.

Simply put, Honey has affiliate partnerships with websites and get a cut of your order (typically less than 5%). But this doesn’t mean you pay more. In fact, in some cases, Honey shares a chunk of their revenue with you via cash back rewards. Learn more about cash back below.

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Things I Love

  • Honey makes it easy to find and get great discounts. They have a huge database of coupons and promo codes compiled from scraping the internet and from user submissions. You won’t always come away with a coupon, but if there’s one out in the wild, I’m confident Honey’s got it.
  • I’ve seen people asking "is Honey legit? Is it safe?" It’s definitely safe! The doubt some people have comes from misunderstanding the business model. Honey helps you find valid coupons and earns affiliate money by doing so. Also, they’re a transparent company and are very clear that they don’t sell or share your data.
  • Coupons on Amazon are tied to specific products. Amazon doesn’t do sitewide coupons. To combat this, Honey has specific Amazon tools to bring to the table.
  1. Droplist. You can add an item to your "Droplist" and it’ll track the price and notify you when the price drops.
  2. Best price feature. Amazon shows you the price that THEY choose, but it's not always the best price. Sometimes there are better deals from third-party sellers that are hidden in the "New and Used from" section. Honey takes shipping, prime status, and the seller's reputation into consideration and shows you the best deal.
  • You can get cash back from certain stores. That’s free money you’ll get after buying the item. Don’t bank on this, but consider it a nice bonus.
  • It’s free and that shouldn't change. Like I said above, Honey’s happy because they’re getting their paid by the online stores, so they won’t feel the need to charge.

Things I Hate

  • Honey doesn’t tell you how much cash back you’ll get. It’s a guessing game. It’ll say something like "Today’s Offer 1-10% Back." That’s a wide range, Rakuten’ rates are changing daily but the cash back rate is static when you purchase something.
  • There aren’t many stores eligible for cash back. You’ll still need to use another cash back service, like Rakuten, if you want to maximize your savings.
  • Honey was purchased by PayPal for $4B at the end of last year. I'm not a huge fan of PayPal and tech acquisitions don't always go smoothly, but everything has stayed the same so far. I'm hopeful!
  • Honey has a phone app now, but it's not ready for primetime. Their app description says "check out in one convenient cart, even if your items are from different stores." This sounds great in theory, but Honey needs partnerships with way more stores for this app to become relevant. Here's how the Honey phone app works: instead of shopping at, you buy your items inside Honey's app via Wallgreens. You can add items to your Honey cart from five different stores and checkout with one button. But the amount and quality of stores are seriously lacking.
  • Honey occasionally breaks the checkout process. As Honey rapidly applies coupons, the site assumes that you're a bot, and makes you perform a CAPTCHA a couple of times after repeated failed promo codes. I've only seen this happen with one site (, but it may affect other sites too.

Who is it for?

Everyone! It’s free and easy to use.

Just take 30 seconds to download the browser extension. If you find it too distracting or you aren’t getting the deals you’re looking for, just delete it.

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Honey can be frustrating because it had the chance to be an all-in-one shopping app and falls short with its cash back options, but it still should be part of your online shopping routine. I use it with Rakuten every time I check out.