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I’ve been testing Bose Portable Home and Sonos Move speakers for weeks. A battery-powered WiFi speaker that I can bring outside has been on my wishlist for a long time, so this comparison post was a lot of fun. Plus, listening to music as my full-time job doesn’t suck.

Bluetooth isn’t ideal for music because music gets interrupted with phone notifications, paring can be difficult, and it’s not easy to switch DJs.

But both of these speakers fix Bluetooth’s inconveniences by relying on WiFi instead. They stay connected to your WiFi as far as you have range. Plus, you can add Alexa or Google Assistant to them too.

And when you bring your speaker to a friend’s house or the lake, you can put them in Bluetooth mode as a last resort.

My conclusion: Bose Portable Home is a wildly overpriced speaker that sounds respectable indoors but terrible outside. Sonos Move is my new favorite speaker because it sounds great in all conditions and is super versatile.

Bose Portable Home Speaker

  • I appreciate Bose Portable Home most for its size. It has a rope handle for carrying and weighs about two pounds (half of Sonos Move). It fits well in a backpack.
  • I like the sound while indoors and around 50-70% volume, but with higher volumes, it turns into a muffled mess because of the lack of bass.
  • Bose Portable should be the ideal backyard speaker, but it seems like Bose didn’t test it outside. The sound gets worse when you add wind or cars driving by into the equation because Bose can’t cut through the noise.
  • Bose’s sound quality won’t offend anyone and can fill a room. And you’d love Bose Portable if you didn't know the price or the sound quality of other speakers on the market. Unfortunately, Bose Portable is $350 and other speakers have the same sound quality and size for $200. (Check out UE Megablast or JBL Charge 4.)
  • Bose Portable Home Speaker is best for you if want to severely overpay for a solid sounding speaker.

Sonos Move

  • I appreciate Sonos Move most for its incredible WiFi range and its ability to sound great in any condition that you put it in. It’s the ideal deck or backyard speaker. As you can see from the picture above, I was still jamming via AirPlay far from my house.
  • Sonos Move has more depth and packs a bigger punch than Bose. They’re in different leagues when side-by-side.
  • Sonos Move’s only downside is the size. It’s twice the volume as Bose and weighs six pounds. I had no issue moving it around the house with the built-in carrying handle, but it takes up lots of space in a bag and is nowhere near as portable as Bose.
  • Sonos Move is best for you if you want a premium sounding home speaker that you can easily move to different rooms or outside. It’s not ideal for traveling, but you can use Bluetooth when you’re away from home if you want.