Are Mesh Routers Worth it?

We’ve all been there: You’re streaming a show or movie and it’s taking forever to buffer, completely interrupting the flow.

To fix it, you unplug the router, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in and pray it works. Getting WiFi to work correctly in your house has never been easy. We’ve been plagued with setup and software issues for years. Plus, most traditional routers are an eyesore.

In January 2016, my Twitter feed blew up with people praising the Eero Home WiFi System. Users claimed their WiFi speeds increased by three times with Eero.

Eero promised their mesh network was the solution to common router issues.

I bought the first generation Eero (set of three). I could tell they were onto something, especially for big houses or people in apartment complexes with several interfering signals.

Old school router companies saw Eero’s potential too and made copycat versions.

I tried the copycats.

For six months, I used a pair of Google WiFi routers. After Google WiFi, I tried Netgear Orbi for two weeks. Linksys Velop was my next router for seven months.

Now, I’m rocking the second generation Eero (1 Eero + 2 Eero Beacons) in my house. I’m sticking with Eero, and it feels great! Eero originally went after WiFi issues, while the traditional router companies stayed stagnant. I get the same great feeling using Eero as I do with my Apple products.

A mesh network uses multiple routers to eliminate dead spots and produce maximum speed from any place in your house. In this review, simplicity, convenience, smarts, and design are also defining characteristics.

Perfect customer: My parents wanted the internet to work consistently throughout their 4,000 square foot house with an app that’s easy to use. I set up a Google WiFi three pack, and my parents love it! Their place went from 11 Mbps in dead areas to 117 Mbps in the same areas.

It’s tough to get excited about routers, but these mesh systems are amazing because they resolve a lot of frustration. It’s rare that I do a product comparison and end up recommending all of them, but Eero, Orbi, Velop, and Google WiFi are all great options. There’s a mesh system for nerds, for people on a budget, for people with kids, and for seniors.