google home mini vs echo dot

Google Home Mini vs. Echo Dot (3rd Gen): My Sound Comparison ONLY

The entry-level smart speakers (under $50 ) aren’t made for music listening.

The speaker isn’t better than what most smartphones offer.

The speaker is present so you can hear the smart assistant to talk back to you. You should plug it into good speakers with a 3.5mm cable or sync it with your favorite Bluetooth speaker if you want to listen to music.

If I had no other option, which would I prefer to listen to music on? Google Home Mini.

Here are my takeaways based on sound quality only:

Google Home Mini

  • The speaker is surprisingly high-quality (for what it is). The sound quality is sharper than Dot. The smart assistant’s voice is much clearer and richer too. (While Home Mini’s speaker is better than Dot’s smartphone speakers, it’s still not good. It has no bass, and the highs sound empty).
  • There’s no bass at all.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

  • The speaker still sounds still awful, but it got an upgrade from the second generation because it’s louder and has more bass.
  • The third generation sounds like it has a filter or something else covering it. It doesn’t sound clear.
  • The assistant’s voice is annoying.
  • But it’s not supposed to sound good. The intended purpose is to hook up Dots to a Bluetooth speaker, or a Sonos, or plug in your external speaker to get the full effect. The speaker on Dot should ONLY be used for when Alexa talks.

I wrote about the capabilities of Alexa and Google if you want to learn than just the sound quality of Echo Dot and Home Mini.