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Thoughts On Cordless Stick Vacuums

Four years ago, I bought one of the cheapest vacuums for wood floors with four or more stars on Amazon.

I’m a neat freak and don’t hate vacuuming, but I found myself putting it off because I didn’t want to drag it up from the basement and deal with the tangled cord because it would tangle no matter how well-wrapped.

I was in the market for a vacuum, but not because I planned to write about it. I needed to find the best one for MY needs, so I did extensive online research before making a purchase.

I’ve compared robot vacuums, but I didn’t consider regular vacuum cleaners for Power Moves because they don’t have much tech.

But as I researched and looked for a new vacuum, I watched the live keynote where James Dyson unveiled the Dyson V10. He talked about the carbon fiber in the rollers, the power of the tiny motor and battery technology used to make stick vacuums powerful and long-lasting.

I didn’t know cordless stick vacuums existed before I began looking for a new machine. I’ve only seen battery-powered handheld vacuums. A stick vacuum was just what I needed.

I bought four of the best models based on internet reviews. For the next month, I watched YouTube videos, tutorials, interviews. Then I went to the houses of friends and family to test different surfaces and materials.

I knew within the first week of testing that I was keeping one of the Dyson vacuums because I found as long as I had the Soft Roller Cleaner Head, any of them had enough power and runtime for my house and bamboo flooring.

I kept the V10 because I’m obsessed with owning the latest technology, but it’s not a wise or rational move considering the V7 is $250 and has everything I need.