I’ve tested 12 robot vacuums since I started Power Moves.

Before experimenting with robot vacuums, I assumed Roomba would dominate all the no-name brands.

But the opposite was true.

There are tons of great Roomba vacuums, but the entry-level Roomba vacuums (600 Series) are terrible.

Bottom line: It’s best to avoid Roomba vacuums if you’re not willing to spend more than $500. What should you buy? Deebot and Eufy are almost interchangeable. Go with Deebot N79S if you want to control your robot with an app or Alexa. If you’re not worried about app control, go with Eufy because it’s a bit quieter.

Eufy 11S vs. Roomba 675:

Deebot N79S vs. Roomba 675:

Budget Vacuums ($200 Range)

  • They can’t clean specific rooms on command.
  • They run a random algorithm without any memory.
  • They get stuck. You need to create barriers.
  • Budget vacuums are perfect because they'll supplement your vacuuming duties, without crushing your wallet. I recommend them over the superior robot vacuums (mentioned below). You can usually get Eufy or Deebot for around $150.

My Testing Results

  • I poured 50 grams of rice over a confined carpeted area and let the robots run for five minutes. Then, I did the same on hardwood. These tests aren’t scientific, but the real-world results don’t differ much.

Carpet results:

  • Roomba 600 Series: 31 grams of rice.
  • Eufy 11S: 41 grams of rice.
  • Deebot N79S: 43 grams of rice.

Hardwood results:

  • Roomba 600 Series: 26 grams of rice.
  • Eufy 11S: 42 grams of rice.
  • Deebot N79S: 38 grams of rice.
  • Why does the Roomba 600 Series perform so poorly? It’s a combination of poor suction, only one side brush, and a bad algorithm.

Mapping Vacuums (Over $700)

If you want the best robot vacuum on the market, I recommend Neato D7, Roomba i7+, or Roomba s9+:

  • These mapping robots have incredible suction power.
  • They create a virtual map of your home’s floor plan and remember where they’ve been.
  • You’ll get detailed reports, in the app, after the run is over.
  • The Roomba i7+ and Roomba s9+ are self-emptying. They can go back to their charge base to empty the debris into a big bag, then continue the cleaning cycle. Dustbins fill up quickly with fur from your pets, so this lets your vacuum continue cleaning without interruption.
  • The best part: Mapping bots never get stuck because you can use their apps to create virtual lines. This will keep the robots out of troublesome areas.
  • The worst part: Mapping bots are over $700, and I’m not convinced that they’ll fully replace your manual vacuuming needs.

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