How I Got Here

My entrepreneurial drive started in first grade. I created a pencil pouch and put my name on it. A few classmates took notice and I saw an opportunity. It cost $0.50 to make, but I sold each for $2. Talk about big profit margins!

My mom intervened and made me give back the money.

“You should be nice,” she said.

“No, Mom, I want to make money,” I said.

By middle school, I started selling stuff on eBay. I went from selling items for family and friends (for a small “Cam fee”) to buying large amounts of iPhone cases from China. Then, I got I kicked off eBay – it turns out the cases I was selling weren’t so legit.

I worked for my dad for a couple of summers making cabinets. I respect what he does and the hard work it takes, but it’s not for me. I’m sure my presence is sorely missed; I had skills at sanding boards. Oh, I was a solid sweeper of floors too.

In high school, I was asked to help my dad’s friend sell his TV screen protectors and given the position of “Marketing VP” for Crystal Wall. I knew absolutely nothing about marketing, but I knew if we could get traffic to Crystal Wall’s site I could make us money, yet I had no idea how to do it. I wanted to rank for “TV screen protector.” I quickly learned search engine optimization and more about organic results. That’s when my interest in SEO began. I bought some online courses and learned how to dominate the search engines.

I quit my job at Crystal Wall and decided to make affiliate sites. I was good at ranking and giving visitors exactly what they wanted.

Next, I created Reviewpon intending to provide honest and ethical web hosting reviews. It’s pretty common for money grubbing affiliates to refer host services that provide the largest commission. That drove me nuts. I had a good run with the site, made money, but soon hated web hosting and its lack of ethics.

During my four years of college, I inconsistently worked on Bidiction, which was my take on online auctions. I knew how I’d like to change online auction sites and put together a pretty sleek design, but it’s not something I knew how to capitalize on nor did I have the amount of money required to get things moving.

Now, I make tech content on this blog and YouTube.